We created CarmaCam to save lives.
Driving while intoxicated causes 88,000 deaths each year in the United States.
Yet the odds of police stopping a drunk driver is less than 1 in a hundred. There simply aren’t enough eyes on the road. Most drivers don’t call 911 to report dangerous driving. Talking to a police dispatcher is inconvenient, distracting, and time-consuming.
So we developed CarmaCam as a crowd-sourced solution for road safety. Now you can report a drunk driver with one tap
The CarmaCam® Family
of road safety apps
CarmaCam® Safety
CarmaCam® Safety is our free app for drivers to report DUI and dangerous driving incidents.
CarmaCam® Mobility
CarmaCam® Mobility is our app for parking enforcement, which quickly and efficiently creates tickets for cars blocking bus lanes and other restricted lanes such as airport loading zones.
CarmaCam® LE is our app for law enforcement, to enable quick action in real-time for dangerous situations
If one tap could save a life, would you?
Astoundingly, the average drunk driver will drive while impaired between 80 and 200 times before the driver is apprehended.
Responding to a 911 call
is a multiple-step process.
With CarmaCam, we reduce the steps for quicker response time.
CarmaCam® works in 3 steps:
Upload Video
File Report
Independent Review
CarmaCam® uses crowdsourcing for video collection and review. Artificial
Intelligence augments human review to make sure all reports are accurate.
When a driver cuts you off on the freeway,
tap the screen once to upload 20 seconds of video
to the cloud.
Capture and report
dangerous driving incidents
Weaving across lanes (top
drunk driving indicator)
Making illegal
Illegal Merge
Running a red light
The road is a part of our daily life.
It’s our duty to make it safe.
Our mission: Saving a life a day.
The Team
Doug Rosenberg
CTO and co-founder
Rob Rappaport
CEO and co-founder
Prof. James Moore, USC
Senior Advisor
Adam Frankl
Marketing Advisor
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