“Call 911 to report DUI” is not working.
Drivers are reluctant to call 911, and when they do it’s often too late to take action. Impaired drivers are arrested at most once out of 80 times they drive under the influence.
CarmaCam® enables law enforcement to locate drunk or dangerous drivers in real time, enabling them to remove hazardous vehicles from the road quickly to minimize damage, injuries, and loss-of-life.
Dialing 911 while driving in the vicinity of an impaired driver can be distracting and dangerous. In fact, the risk of making a 911 call while driving may approach the risk of impaired driving itself.
The CarmaCam® Emergency Alert Receiver is like LoJack®. It alerts Law Enforcement when an emergency incident is happening nearby. Every 30 seconds it pulls in incidents within 10 miles. CarmaCam® AI prescreens the alerts and prevents spurious alarms.
CarmaCam® LE is an emergency alert receiver mobile app only available to Law Enforcement that displays locations of Alert within the desired radius on a map and allows the video to be viewed in the dispatch center or in a patrol car by tapping on a map icon.
Viewing videos from a map with no delay and without the incident reporter needing to call 911 addresses the problems of reluctance, timeliness, and specificity.
Dispatchers can triage for risk and severity, and assign resources as available.
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